• "We are more than we think.
    We are more than we believe.
    We are more than we can imagine."

    Srinivas Arka

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Registered on 25th September 2008, the charity was founded by Srinivas Arka, a Philosopher, Author, Speaker and Developer of human positive potential programmes.  

Over the past 7 years, members of AMG UK have worked hard towards organising activities including the practice of different forms of yoga, Bharathanatyam dance, and teaching the benefits of practising Arka Dhyana, an intuitive meditation method developed by Srinivas Arka.

At AMG UK we believe that priceless teachings can be found in ancient scriptures, such as the Vedas, and that these texts should be studied to gain deep knowledge about developing our positive potential, understanding the universe and taking care of the environment.

AMG UK trustees and members are located all around the UK - we have held cultural shows, dinner and dance evenings, educational talks and creative workshops in Birmingham and various parts of London.