• “Knowledge may come from any source. Keep your mind open.”

    Srinivas Arka

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Ganesh Chaturthi Festival held on 8 September 2013

Sri Ganesh Chaturthi Festival took place on Sunday 8th September 2013.

The festival was graced with the delightful presence of Srinivas Arka. 

There was an inspiring session of Arka Dhyana Intuitive Meditation. 


Celebration Event held on 20 September 2013

Our 36th Celebration event took place on Friday 20th September 2013.

There was a melodious flute recital and delightful vocal recital, both of which delighted the audience. 

The highlight of the evening was an inspirational talk by Srinivas Arka and a celebration for His ensuing birthday.

The evening concluded with a brief meditative silence through Arka Dhyana Intuitive Meditation. 


Celebration Event held on 19 July 2013

Our 34th Celebration event took place on Friday 19th July 2013.

The beautiful evening commenced with a vocal recital by Poorani Kuganesan student of Smt. Shashikala Kothandapani. There was a violin duet recital which was very beautiful.

This was followed by a talk from the Local Metropolitan Police.

The evening concluded with a brief meditative silence called Arka Dhyana or Intuitive Meditation. 


Celebration Event held on 21 June 2013

Our 33rd Celebration event took place on Friday 21st June 2013.

The beautiful evening commenced with a Veena recital by Shaiyini Kuhathas, Sinthuja Muthulingam, Brathika Paramanathan, Baavana Uthyakumar and Keerthana Uthyakumar, who are students of Smt.Saraswathy Kuhadas. Their melodious playing gave a warm beginning to the show.

We then had a vocal recital by Anchali Muraleetharan, who sang beautifully, and really captured her audience with her heart touching performance.

Celebration Event - 21 June 2013-Veena group Celebration Event - 21 June 2013 - Vocal 

Following this we had a talk from our guest speaker Mr. Meddie Kakyama-Mayanja. He has an MA in Education Leadership and Management and an MSc in International Conflict. He is currently a Teaching Leader at Stanley Park High School in Carshalton, Surrey. He gave us a very informative talk, educating us as to how ‘Parental Involvement is the key to student's success’.

Celebration Event - 21 June 2013-Guest Speaker Celebration Event - 21 June 2013-Group

The evening was then concluded with a brief meditative silence called Arka Dhyana or Intuitive Meditation. Music was played in the background to help us relax and keep our minds from being distracted, giving a peaceful end to the show.

Celebration Event held on 17 May 2013


The Arka Maha Ganapathy Celebration Event held on 17th May 2013 was serenaded by a delightful musical symposium lead by Sri Pitchaiappa Gnavaradan on the Flute. On the Miruthangam we had Sri KaraiKudi Krishnamoorthy, enchanting us with his musical ability as well as his comedic charm.  On the Violin we had Sri Ratish Kumar, who played in prefect harmony with this ensemble.  Sri Mylvaganam Vijayarajah, was keeping rhythm on the Ganjira, and completing the entertaining quartet.

The guests attending the event were given the pleasure of seeing Sri Pitchaiappa Gnavaradan, perform with various sized flutes, showcasing some of the talented artist’s skills.  On the whole this celebration event, with the great performances as well as the heart-felt, home-cooked dinner provided by the volunteers, was a tremendous success.  Both the audience and the performers were left satisfied at the end of the night.  The only person that might not have been too happy is the one who had the to lock up the South Mitcham Community Centre, as the festivities in the Celebration event were so enjoyable that they went well passed the scheduled finish time.


Celebration Event held on 19 April 2013


Celebration Event held on 15 March 2013

Cultural programme 



Celebration Event held on 21 December 2012

Cultural programme




Celebration Event held on 16 November 2012




Celebration Event held on 20 July 2012

Cultural programme 




Arka Vidya Kendra School


Arka Vidya Kendra Students

In the midst of mystical rolling hills and luscious landscape the AMG (Arka Maha Ganapathy) international retreat group was pleasantly delighted to be greeted by the children's beaming smiles and warm greetings like rays of sunshine. Nestled in the village of Gumachanahalli, the Arka Vidya Kendra has been officially adopted by Arka Foundation India. The school has a roll of 68 children ranging from standard one to standard five (6-12 years) and a staff of 6 including the Principal and lay staff.

The team engaged in various activities inclusive of Arka Dhyana awareness and prasadam/gift distribution. The children were receptive and enjoyed participating and interacting with the AMG members from five different countries namely Canada, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Australia and Hong Kong/China.

The school atmosphere is charged with the positive energy of the children's enthusiasm to learn and expand their knowledge. Teachers and the Head Mistress are steadily learning to incorporate the Intuitive Method of Srinivas Arka as part of the school's charter, mission and learning program.

The humble classroom and the learning environment is far from the innovative and state of the art classrooms that the participants are accustomed to in their respective countries. However facilities alone do not make the carbon footprints of education. It is the 'heart to heart' connection of the teacher and students which is a fundamental component that give life and breath to holistic education.

This vision of Arka Foundation is to develop this school to be a model school of academic and spiritual excellence. It is indeed a cornerstone Education and service partnership between the Village learning community and Arka Foundation, In addition, the philosophy of the Intuitive Method and its practice will be the mandate, benchmark and unique feature of the Kendra.

This school will be the roadmap to give opportunities to students from this village and surrounding area to learn and practice Arka Dhyana and to make it a way of life.

We sincerely hope that on reading this you will be inspired to help as a volunteer or contribute in service or resources that are urgently needed for the children's' well being and learning. The school needs the building facilities repaired, learning equipment, including desks, chairs and drinking water fountains to name a few. We welcome your participation in this nation building project being undertaken by Arka Foundation India. For further information to help as volunteer or make a financial contribution.

For more details, please contact us by email: Administrator